Am being a total recluse right now

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Personal Life
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I’m being totally unsocial right now. My roomie has like 20 nursing students in the living room to celebrate the start of the summer holiday, and I’ve been hiding in my room all evening. I think they’re leaving now to party somewhere else. Thank God. It’s just one of those days when noisy, scary strangers in my flat aren’t my cup of tea. :S Leave, leave, leave.

I was at a really nice party yesterday though. Everyone brought food (I brought homemade pizza) and it was all delicious. Might post photos later. I’m meeting some friends tomorrow to have a drink night too. 😀 I don’t have any lessons left at university, but I’m hanging around town for a while before I go to Stockholm. Since it’s a town of mostly students, not much is going on in terms of parties during the summer, but I’m going to enjoy a few days here without family or school to think about. Just relax and maybe do some drawing or painting.

Oh, and here’s something exciting: I signed the lease for my new apartment yesterday. Starting August the 1st, Haus of Hengen or the Joos Regime will open. In other words, I’m starting a collective. I’m living in a collective right now, but it’s not mine and I’m temporarily renting a room from a guy who is abroad and returning in August. My collective is a 5 room apartment which will house 4 or 5 people. I will set up a war against other collectives in town to make things a bit more interesting and to bring people together. I have no money so the furniture will be awful, but whatever 🙂 I’m sure it will be awesome.

The stranger people have left now, so I’m going to sneak out in the kitchen and make baguettes.


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