Depressing post probably

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Personal Life, Thoughts
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It sucks when kids die. I hadn’t even met the kid in question, and even I feel a bit melancholic today. Just some girl my sister knew casually. For some reason she climbed up a train and got electrocuted. I can’t imagine how the family is feeling. It’s terrifying how one could live the safest, suburban life ever and then out of nowhere the daughter your raised for 17 years does something stupid but normal in consideration to her age, and then she simply doesn’t exist any more.  It just gives me a mild sense of panic to know that I could at any time get a phone call or a message saying that someone suddenly died. A lot of my friends drink a lot and takes risks and most of the time people just find it funny, and the probability that they’ll actually die from it is probably small, but it could happen and days like these it feels more real and probable than usual. All it takes is really a bad landing from a  small fall when drunk to hit your head and not wake up again. I’m not saying that we should live our lives as carefully as we can to prevent it, but it’s worth considering that everything could just be gone in a second without the least bit of warning.


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