Bye bye, person-who’s-first-two-letters-are-the-same-as-mine

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Waved goodbye to J today. He’s an exchange student, and I’m not sure if he’s coming back to Sweden after the summer. He left today for a 10-day trip with his orchestra around Europe. I wish I could play some sort of instrument so I could do stuff like that too 😀 …they even have a bar in the bus they’re travelling with… I told him to be at least a tiny bit careful for the sake of his liver, to which he replied that it was a nice try, but that I knew it woudn’t work. He is correct. :’P I just hope he survives. He told me he spent 4000 (!!!!!!) kronor which is approx. 420 euros on alcohol the previous month. Seriously. Seriously! This is even more impressive to me since we live in a student town where a beer usually cost like 25 kr… 4000/25 = 160 beers. May has 31 days. 160/31 = ~5 beers a day. I’m amazed that he actually passed all his courses despite his lifestyle.

^ He insisted that I’d take a photo of us with the webcam. I took one, and he answered “meh, it’s missing something, take another one!” and while I fiddled with the computer he suddenly ripped of his shirt and posed like this for no reason whatsoever.There’s another one before this where I look like “wtf are you doing” but in the end he’s done weirder things so I just went along with it.

^ Feeding Scully the human Skull ice cream in the middle of the night. And why does both of use look like seagulls? Horrible photo of me, but whatever.


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