The pope, the US and the… I’m not really sure what it is. 3 news.

Posted: April 28, 2010 in News
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1. I love IRL trolls. Here’s a memo that was sent to the Pope before his planned visit to Britain, suggesting that his holiness should launch his own condom brand and start an abortion clinic.

2. Lisa Kirkman, a supporter and activist for medical marijuana and legislation, is trying to get her son back after he was taken 2 years ago by CPS. Kirkman is a Canadian citizen and has been away from her son since he was sent with her boyfriend (who had paternal rights in Canada) to visit the US, where CPS supposedly took the kid because the the boyfriend’s paternal rights weren’t legit there. So if I’m understanding this correct, if I had a kid and I wanted him/her and a close friend or a sibling to go to a trip to Oregon without me, CPS has the right to place the kid in foster care since I’m so irresponsible…?

3. I’m just going to post the link here, in case anyone is sensitive to a bit of blood. I’m intruiged though; is this real or fake? If it’s real, is it a self-injury or is it an actual accident? In that case, ouch ouch… ouch. Click here to see the picture.


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