Drugs are bad, mmkay?

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Findings (links), Just for the LOLs
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Things I shouldn’t laugh about.

This video about texting while driving. Sorry, but it’s just so painfully obvious how they’re trying to manipulate the viewers emotions in this one (esp. with the dead baby).

(texting while driving still sucks though)

There’s also this video about heroin, with a lovely demonstration of a woman in a kitchen who really doesn’t know how to properly make an omelette. Again, an important issue, but how many people who seriously consider taking heroin will stop and reconsider because a girl smashed an egg (y’know, except if they’re actually afraid that she’s gonna show up at their doorstep with a raised frying pan if they use).

I have to say this one is still more ridiculous. It’s an anti-weed ad which features a talking dog. I’m not completely sure what the idea was behind this.


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