weird, manical phase

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Personal Life
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It’s almost 10 pm and I’ve pretty much collapsed in my bed. Damn my tendencies to over-multitask. This has been my day today:

6:30 am: Alarm goes off.

8:00 am School, work work work work on group essay (not to mention exercising my ability to be diplomatic and patient – 8 people arguing over grammar is the worst thing I know).

4 pm: School ends. Quick stop at the flat to drop off my bike.

4:45 pm: Driving lesson

~6:00 pm: Driving lesson ends. My laundry time slot started at 5 pm so I quickly sort through what laundry I want clean and throw it in the machine.

6:30 pm: Been meaning to make vegetable lasagne all week. Going on a picnick tomorrow, so I decide to do it. Finished chopping and frying all the vegetable at ~7:15.

7:15 pm: Run down to the laundry room, throw wet laundry in to the drier and hang some in the drying cabinet.

7:45 pm: The beschanel sauce is finished. Everything is put in a lasagne form and in the oven it goes…

7:50 pm: Down to the laundry room to bring up the clean laundry, notices that there’s still some dirty laundry in a bag. Throws them in a machine.

8:00 pm: Realizes that the machine is on a 70-minute program and that you can’t use the laundry room after 9 pm.

8:15 pm: Bakes cookies.

8:30 pm: Takes out the lasagne from oven, puts in cookies.

8:50 pm: Finished cleaning kitchen and dishing. Takes out cookies from oven.

9:00 pm: Ate a piece of lasagne. Nice.

9:10 pm: Puts the remaining lasagne into different lunch boxes for freezing. Turns intooooo… 7 lunch boxes!  Finding the right lid to the right box took way too much time.

9:30 pm: Put the cookies into boxes too.

9:35 pm: Put the clean laundry in the closet.

9:45 pm: Picked up some things from the floor.

9:55 pm: Lay down in bed and wrote the beginning sentence of this blog entry.


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