A clue: it’s my tummy that goes bump and it’s technically 10 pm and not “night” and it’s going bump because I ate too much rice and beans because I was pissed that I failed my exam. OK, so technically I ate it because I just got back to my college town after being in Stockholm and I didn’t have time to eat dinner before I left at 6 pm and only had a sandwich and some yoghurt till now, but DRAMATIC!ANXIETY!EATING! is way more interesting and dramatic.

It’s true that I’m a bit pissed though, so here’s a blog entry filled with things to distract me. 🙂

* Here’s a question for you to think about: Should it be legal for a man to shove a dildo in his partner’s vagina after he choked her unconsciouss, if she gave consent beforehand? The supreme court of Canada are asking themselves the same question.

* When pixels attack: it’s pretty brilliant. Dailymotion video, which means I can’t embedd, but definitely worth watching.

* Wiki-article: Phatom time hypothesis. A hypothesis that tries to convinces us that the Early Middle Ages NEVER EXISTED. It’s all a lieeee! If you thought 2012 was stupid… well..

* And this is a bit too old and a  bit too religious for me, but I meant to post it anyhow earlier and I never did, so here: A woman decides to stand-up paddle 40 miles from Santa Catalina island to Dana Point, in hope of showing her cancer-strucken friend that seemingly hard and nearly impossible things can be conquered if you have the strength and the will to fight. In the water, she got the company of a 30-foot Minke whale, that accompanied her on her way for 2 hours. The whole story can be found here.

* This is particulary funny to me since I’m studying to be a SLP. Tv-host laughs at his guest’s voice problems. 😀

* Aaaand from my only persistent reader, Tom the Pirateking, comes the news of cheeseflavored bubblegum and the Umami paste.

Mad scientists develop cheese-flavored bubblegums

Umami Paste that will enhance the “meat” flavor in… like… potatoes and stuff.

Coming up next week: Obviously more links, some things about freeganism, the dancing habits of some of my friends, and just random shit that I’ll make up as I go along. 🙂


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