So this is kind of crazy

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s been quite dramatic at one of the communities I’m a part of at Livejournal. I’ve heard about these kinds of stories from other sites, but not until afterwards, so it’s kind of new to me. This time I know it’s true too, because there’s a lot of people at the comm that backed everything up (it’s Ask_me_anything at LJ btw. I think it happened this Friday, if you want to look for the posts. They’re probably set to members only though).

It goes like this: A year ago, just before I joined the comm, a member was reported dead in a car accident. This member, a man, had been pretty active, was well-liked, and since two years he’d developed a  romantic relationship with another member of the comm. The man worked in the same architect office as yet another member.  The woman he was involved with and him had never met, and the accident happened around 2 months before he was supposed to move to be with her. A lot of members were saddened by the news, and some even sent gifts and money to the woman, even though she didn’t ask for it.

During the following year, the member, the woman who worked in the same office as the man, who also claimed to be his close friend, kept in touch with the female member. She even came to visit her in her home last week, and that’s when the girl started to get suspicious. There was something about that woman which just seemed too familiar, and some things about the man she was in love with and had lost just didn’t match up. She ended up doing some research, like calling his former employer and asking if he remembered anything about the man. The employer was the other woman’s father, and his company only had three employees. He said that he didn’t remember ever meeting the man. The entire list of reasons why she was suspicious is on the site but it was enough for people to get pretty freaked out. Eventually the “workplace woman” admitted to the girl that she had made up the guys persona and kept it going for 5 years; he never existed. She had managed to have phone conversations with the girl as him, since Skype allows you to alter your voice through some setting. Eventually, she realized that she had lied her way into a corner, and had to end the man’s life before the girl found out he wasn’t real.

Imagine knowing a person for 2 years, falling in love with them, pretty much planning a life with them and then suddenly they’re gone, and after some time when you’ve processed the pain of loosing them, you find out they were never real to begin with.

WTF. That’s a whole new level of sadism.


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