Sweet mother of God, he’s old

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My dad turned 57 today! Happy birthday to him, he’s super-old now. His gifts were a bit stressed because I was ill and exhausted when I went shopping for the last ones yesterday. He had wished for a cake slicer, so I went looking for one earlier this week. I went in to one of those cute giftshops that sell quirky, stupid stuff like shower drapes with Pacman on them and some vintage stuff. This giftshop was from the Lagerhaus chain, which you can sometimes find pretty neat and cheap stuff in, but usually just crap that you give to someone else when you don’t have much imagination. Anyhow, I went inside and looked for a cake slicer. The only ones I found was two novelty items, and I ended up asking a shops assistant if they had a cake slicer that “didn’t sing or was shaped like a high-heeled shoe”. Who buys those products? Why would you spend extra money on a cake-slicer that sings “Happy birthday” when you will just use it a few times a year? I guess the buyers must have a terrible singing voice or something. “Sorry honey, I was going to sing happy birthday for you… but the cake slicer is going to do it instead”. Ughh. The shops assistant actually answered that they probably didn’t have one that hadn’t been stupefied, but we ended up finding one in the deepest corner of the store anyway.

Yesterday I bought a photo biography of John Lennon, and also some fancy candy in a fancy box. Boring, but I was close to passing out so I didn’t feel like running around time looking for something else. I usually go with the Beatles theme when I have no idea what to give my Dad. It’s either that or books. It feels like a correct stereotype of men from his generations; they all seem to love the Beatles. I guess it’s a good thing that my dad is so happy with the belongings he has that he can’t think of anything that he wants for his birthday, but it makes it a bit more difficult for me. Especially since I have to figure out gifts from two people and not just from me. My younger sister is so lazy, she never gives anyone a gift on their birthday. I got my gift like a month afterwards, with the excuse “but I really wanted to buy a thing for myself… so I had no money to buy you something 😦 ). Today she got home completely hungover (she’s 17) at 2:30 pm without a gift, 10 minutes before my dad got home. I pretty much forced her to draw a birthday card which said she’d take him to the cinema to see the new John Lennon movie “Nowhere boy”. These are one of those small moments that shape us that single child or youngest siblings will never fully get until they’re already taking care of their own child. ;P

Anyhow, he appreciated the gifts and even commented to my sister that it was a thoughtful gift, because had wanted to see that movie. Yay me. Oh, he liked my presents as well. He spent the rest of his birthday with his girlfriend in Gnesta so I had a few friends over for a movie night. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m going to continue my pearler bead project that I started with another dude right before Christmas. Looking forward to it! 🙂


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