Top 10 worst April Fool’s pranks

Top 100 best April Fool’s pranks

I love pranks. Preferably when they’re on someone else. I haven’t been tricked yet today though (unless my dad  is actually lying about picking me up and taking me out for dinner with my sister and his girlfriend).

I felt like I HAD to do something for April’s fools day. I can’t remember if I did anything last year,  but I randomly prank people on ordinary days anyhow. I bought an annoyatron from ThinkGeek last year and hid it in my classroom. My initial plan was to put it in the teacher’s lounge, but I never got the opportunity. Anyhow, if you don’t want to click the link, it’s a small device that lets out screechy noises that are very hard to locate. Since the intervals are between 2-7 minutes, no one can predict when the next “screeeech!” will sound and it slowly drives people mad. The best part is that it’s so small and the battery lasts for 3 weeks. It’s obviously best if you’re not forced to be in the same room as the device for a long time, because it’s kind of headache inducing.

This year, I settled on putting these notes on the printers in the liberary (for the linkophobic: they basically say that the printer have been upgraded to be able to take voice commands, which causes people to look like idiots when they stand and yell at the printers to “COPY!”). I had classes so I couldn’t stay and watch if people actually fell for it, so it was kind of fail. 😛 I hope they did though.


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