Posted: March 30, 2010 in Personal Life

I just caught myself thinking “Oooh, I really want to buy some more appropriatly sized coffee-cups.” Scary O_O If I have to be a Hitchhiker’s character, I don’t want to be Arthur Dent, I want to be Ford! Or Trillian! To top it off, when I went grocery shopping the other day, I stopped by the spice section and thought “We discussed buying a new spice”. “We” didn’t discuss anything, because I’m just one person you see. See, this is what happens when I’m forced to be normal and boring and mature. You just can’t leave me by myself without atleast some wikipedia articles, a paper + pen or something to focus my mental activity at!! I start doing lists, sorting out my economy in ridiculous ways, obsessivly cleaning, cooking, thinking about plants, cups, tea…! WHAT IF I GET STUCK LIKE THAT?! D: AAAAAH!

PS. The next posts will be more relevant, about movies and one about philosophy.


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