I’m hiding in my room listening to my  Peter Gabriel’s discography. My exam in neurology, cognition, perception and other stuff is in a few days and I’m trying to compile a document with definitions to every term, process and structure I need to know. I’m on page 14 so far… lots to go. I wonder if I’ll be finished before my 34 albums of Peter Gabriels is up. I’m listening to reverse chronologically; am on Argentina Encore now. It’s bloody amazing.

I had to turn the mirror on the wall so it faces away from me. I look horrible. Woke up ~1 pm and didn’t see a reason to wash up since I won’t go anywhere. It doesn’t help that I run my fingers through my hair when I’m bored or thinking hard, I look like frigging Einstein now. Thinking about sneaking out in the kitchen to make some dinner and risk scaring my flatmates. N is in his third year of med school and studying neurology as well, so I’m gonna bother him a bit about stuff that he might know. 😛 although I suspect I know more than him tbh.

Here’s some good music for ya:

Mother of violence:



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